23.06.2021 duration: 3 min

Quality factor in recombinant antibody production

In recombinant antibody production, quality is of the essence. In order to manufacture high-quality – and, what’s obviously even more important – medically active compounds, the quality of the raw materials utilized needs to be top-notch. Learn why quality is so important and how the performance of antibodies can be improved.

17.06.2021 duration: 2 min

How are recombinant antibodies made?

Recombinant antibody production relies on a process called antibody expression. The recombinant antibodies have to be produced in expression systems developed from rather more advanced cell lines.

14.06.2021 duration: 2 min

What are recombinant antibodies used for?

Recombinant antibodies are monoclonal antibodies generated in vitro using synthetic genes. Learn more about how recombinant antibodies are used in medicine and what benefits they have.

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