Frequently Asked Questions

Our Expression Services

What does evitria offer?

We are a service provider for recombinant antibody production. We offer recombinant antibodies (including bispecific and fusion antibodies), afucosylated antibodies for increased ADCC activity and other proteins.

What expression systems do you use?

We only offer expression in CHO, as CHO cells are used for most of the currently approved biotherapeutics. The difference in glycosylation patterns in HEK vs CHO leads to difference in activity so the use of CHO cells in early R&D removes the risk.

Quality & quantity promise

What kind of volumes/quantities can you produce?

We are very flexible and can produce any volume starting at 50ml or quantity from 1mg to multiple grams.

Can you guarantee purity?

We cannot guarantee a typical % but we see >95% monomericity in vast majority of the cases (for standard antibodies). We do inform customers if we see more than 5% aggregates and then sometimes perform a SEC purification based on their agreement.

Do you have an endotoxin guarantees?

We guarantee a low level of endotoxin (<1 EU/mg).

How do you purify your antibodies?

Protein A purification is standard and we use alternative resins such as Protein G, L, Kappa/Lambda-Select or anti-IgG-CH1 as needed. An additional size exclusion chromatography (SEC) purification step can be added. Please inquire for more details.

What analytics are performed?

Standard analytics include antibody purity, quantification, concentration and guaranteed low endotoxin levels. Additional services include, but not limited to, mass spec and SDS-PAGE. Please inquire if you have specific requirements.

Production process

What is the average turn-around-time?

Our average timeline is between 6 and 7 weeks for new antibodies. We do guarantee 6-8 weeks from amino acid sequence to purified antibody with our standard services and 5-6 weeks with our RUSH offering. If we have produced the antibody before then reproduction will take 1-2 weeks.

Where are the antibodies produced?

Currently, all production is in Zurich, Switzerland and we can ship globally via Fedex or with alternative providers.

Can you produce bispecific or trispecific antibodies?

We have produced both bispecific and trispecific antibodies in various formats. Please contact your local evitria representative to discuss your specific project.

Costs & Prices

How much do your recombinant antibody expression services cost?

Pricing can vary depending on project specifics. Please contact your local evitria representative to discuss.

Additional offerings

Do you offer any downstream assays?

No, but please see our “Partners” page to find best-in-class solutions for required services.

Do you offer conjugation or other post-purification modifications?

No, but please see our “Partners” page to find best-in-class solutions for required services.

Do you work with virtual companies? How are they supported?

Yes, we can help! Please contact your local evitria representative to discuss your specific needs.

What kind of companies do you support?

We have been supporting customers globally from academia, biotech start-ups, virtual companies, diagnostic companies, large biopharma and more.

Can we send you our plasmids?

We have optimized our system over the last 11 years to work best and have experienced a reduction in expression levels when using any outside plasmids. However, we can discuss on a case-to-case basis so please inquire.

Can you send us your vectors?

We are unable to send our proprietary vectors but can clone into a freedom-to-use vector and send for an additional fee.

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