13.10.2021 duration: 3 min

Polyclonal vs monoclonal vs recombinant antibodies – a comparison

Antibody generation appears like a vast and daunting field. Terms such as polyclonal, monoclonal and recombinant make it seem to be overly technical. In this read, we show you a comparison of these antibody types.

29.07.2021 duration: 3 min

Monoclonal antibodies & Ethical issues

Monoclonal antibodies are currently used for an ever increasing number of diagnostic and therapeutic applications. Typically, the expression of antibodies involves the use of mammalian cells, which in itself leads to ethical issues.

01.06.2021 duration: 3 min

The role of antibody expression in times of covid-19

Since COVID-19, the public awareness of antibodies and their key role in our collective fight against corona is constantly growing. This article will shed light on how antibodies benefit us in times of COVID-19.

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