15.09.2021 duration: 3 min

How to select a CRO for your recombinant antibody production?

Big and small companies alike find value in outsourcing to contract research organizations (CROs). A CRO takes on research, development or production assignments, thus saving the sponsor time, cost and capacities. This article will give valuable pointers to the essential factors any company must consider when screening for CROs for recombinant antibody production.

03.09.2021 duration: 3 min

What is a contract research organization (CRO)?

This post will highlight the core activities in the growing market of CROs, how to avoid the potential pitfalls of unreliable CROs, and point out how your organization can benefit from outsourcing to recombinant antibody expression service providers like evitria.

27.05.2021 duration: 3 min

5 benefits of outsourcing your antibody production

As is the case with a growing number of industries, the medical and pharmaceutical fields are increasingly turning to working with third-party providers. Manufacturers of antibody therapeutics are outsourcing certain process steps to contract manufacturers for various reasons, be it to cut costs or to speed up production.

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