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How to avoid capacity bottlenecks in your antibody production

As a timeline compiled by the Journal of Biomedical Science​1​ highlights, the successful development of therapeutic antibodies and their applications has seen a steep rise since 1986, which is when monoclonal antibodies were first approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (US FDA).

This development has led to an inevitable increase in demand, which is one of the reasons we are seeing a growing number of specialized antibody providers.

High demands in a fast moving industry

Conducting business in a fast-moving field such as the biopharmaceutical industry requires flexibility and the ability to deliver on demand – even if said demand at times surpasses the available supply.

This is just one of the reasons why it makes sense to outsource vital and highly specific steps such as antibody expression and production to external third parties

Thanks to their exclusive focus on the quality and volume of antibodies generated, professional service providers are set up to deliver with a very short lead time: With the appropriate contracts in place, labs and manufacturers can make sure to be supplied with the required types and volumes of antibodies constantly and adequately. 

Detect limitations in your recombinant antibody production

If you consider outsourcing your recombinant antibody production, it is necessary to determine the exact requirements in order to ensure the right amount of replenishment – either on a continuous basis or as needed. 

Apart from knowing which types and volumes are needed, you may want to check what your limitations are – this will help you in assessing whether and to what extent outsourcing is really necessary.

Among other constraints you may find that you have 

  • Limited antibody production capacities, which as a result impact your overall production capacities
  • Limited resources and manpower
  • A limited knowledge base

Limited production capacity

As a player in the biopharmaceutical field you are most likely covering an entire process starting from as early as the initial development stages all the way to manufacturing and logistics. Your focus will most likely be on the final output – as it should.

This may lead to the discovery that you do not have the capacities and resources necessary to solely concentrate on the expression of antibodies. evitria offers large-scale expression systems and purification capacities to ensure all requests can be met, irrespective of volume.

Limited knowledge base

Not only your production capacity but also your in-house knowledge base may be limited. Allrounders and specialists in your respective field are most likely lacking in-depth expertise and experience when it comes to the expression and production of 

  • monoclonal antibodies
  • recombinant antibodies
  • afucosylated antibodies

By outsourcing this highly specific process to specialized third-party providers such as evitria you can be sure to rely on in-depth knowledge and expertise and to receive the best quality possible.

How to avoid capacity bottlenecks in your antibody production

Maximum quality

Guaranteed high quality is another benefit of outsourcing to antibody engineering specialists. The biopharma industry is constantly faced with new developments and challenges, with the base material being equally affected. 

A fundamental understanding of both the subject matter and the expression processes is vital when developing new antibodies, antibody genes and recombinant antibody titers. By outsourcing your production you can make sure to receive antibodies of the best quality so as not to compromise your end product. 

Interested in recombinant antibodies?

    Relieve capacity bottlenecks with a recombinant antibody expression specialist

    As a supplier you have to keep up with the constantly evolving demands of the industry. Trying to cover all your bases in-house may lead to potential bottlenecks and limited production capacities, which is just another reason for you to consider outsourcing your antibody production.

    Along with the ever increasing demand for titers, the constraints on downstream processing keep increasing. The efficient recovery and purification of antibodies from cell culture medium is a critical part of the production process.

    Partnering with a third-party antibody expression specialist can contribute to maximizing your total manufacturing output, as it allows you to concentrate on your production line without having to worry about replenishment. 

    Fast project execution

    While quality and volume are important factors, so is a fast project execution. At evitria, we take pride in having completed more than 99.8 % of all projects before or on time. All projects are started within 24 hours of approval, leading to record-setting completion times and lead times of less than one day. 

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