Other proteins

If your needs extend beyond antibodies, evitria’s platform can be adapted to transiently express any secreted protein (e.g. scFvs, soluble extracellular domains, cytokines, and viral proteins among many others).

For these proteins, we can deliver sterile-filtered supernatant for your in-house purification.

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Other proteins expressed

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Non-antibody projects completed

How we work at evitria


Project start

0-1 business days


Pilot study

(from electronic sequence to quantified pilot supernatant)

15-20 business days


Larger-scale expression

5-10 business days



2-3 business days


Final analytics

2-3 business days



1-2 business days

How to order with evitria

You tell us what you need and when

Optional: We discuss your project and how we might be able to assist in a personal conversation

You receive our proposal within one working day

You review and approve our proposal

Your project begins within one working day

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