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13.01.2022 duration: 3 min

Glycoengineered antibodies: pushing forward biotechnology

The importance of glycosylation patterns (sugar sequences) on proteins and their glycobiology have been intensely investigated in recent years, and the deeper understanding spawned novel applications that push biotechnology forward. vice offerings in the field of glyco-engineering.

13.01.2022 duration: 5 min

HEK293 cells vs. CHO cells

HEK cells, also known as HEK293, are human embryonic kidney cells which grow in tissue culture and represent a distinct immortalised cell line. Although HEK cells and CHO cells are both used to create antibodies and for therapeutic protein production, they differ in many aspects, which will be discussed later in this article.

08.11.2021 duration: 5 min

How to grow mammalian cell culture?

Growing mammalian cells has become a technique of utmost importance to the biotechnology industry. This article will introduce you to the process of mammalian cell culture and highlight several key techniques needed to sustain viable mammalian cells.

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18.11.2021 duration: 9 min

Recombinant antibodies: next level antibody technology

From the application in medicine and science to recombinant antibody production and the advantages of recombinant Abs in contrast to traditional monoclonal antibodies, this article will teach you all you need to know about recombinant antibodies.

29.03.2021 duration: 3 min

ADCC antibody – The benefits of ADCC enhanced antibodies

Antibodies are reagents commonly used in biological and biochemical research – and it is no surprise that the popularity of artificially cultivated antibodies with antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC) is consistently growing.

03.01.2021 duration: 3 min

Chinese hamster ovary cell – Definition, History & Potential

Cells derived from animals like Chinese hamster ovary cells have been cultured and manipulated for use in pharmaceutical compounds for decades. They form the vital basis of a vast number of applications and are perfect tools for research and development.

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