Antibody journal

evitria - history of antibodies
29.03.2021 duration: 3 min

The benefits of ADCC enhanced antibodies

Antibodies are reagents commonly used in biological and biochemical research – and it is no surprise that the popularity of artificially cultivated antibodies with antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC) is consistently growing.

07.01.2021 duration: 3 min

The history of antibodies

Due to the Corona pandemic, the term “antibody” has become one of the buzzwords of 2020/2021. The history of antibodies, also known as immunoglobulin, of course reaches back far further than the early months of 2020 – their meaning and importance has not only started gaining relevance with the outbreak of COVID-19.

03.01.2021 duration: 3 min

Chinese hamster ovary cells (CHO cells)

Cells derived from animals like Chinese hamster ovary cells (CHO cells) have been cultured and/or manipulated for use in pharmaceutical compounds for decades. They form the vital basis of a vast number of applications and are perfect tools for research and development. While mice and rats have gradually become more predominant, CHO cells generated and modified in labs are still being used in a vast number of medical compounds. 

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