Afucosylated antibodies for ADCC enhancement

Therapeutic antibodies with low fucose content demonstrate higher ADCC (Antibody-Dependent Cellular Cytotoxicity), i.e. elevated killing activity against tumorigenic and infected cells.

Artificially decreasing fucose content via afucosylation can enhance ADCC and thereby increase therapeutic effect, significantly reduce dosage requirements, and eventually result in fewer side effects.

evitria holds an exclusive licensing partnership to offer afucosylation via ProBioGen’s GlymaxX® technology for your transient antibody expression needs.

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evitria uses
ProBioGen’s GlymaxX® technology

With the GlymaxX® platform, evitria can transiently express both native and afucosylated variants using the same CHO cells, the same DNA, and without any amino acid sequence modifications. In other words, we can provide the perfect negative control.

Whereas alternative afucosylation approaches rely on Fc mutations that introduce risk of immunogenicity, evitria’s use of GlymaxX® produces the same yields and stability as native antibodies without the danger of potential immune response.

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