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5 benefits of outsourcing your antibody production

As is the case with a growing number of industries, the medical and pharmaceutical fields are increasingly turning to working with third-party providers.

Manufacturers of antibody therapeutics are outsourcing certain process steps to contract manufacturers for various reasons, be it to cut costs or to speed up production.

As a result, you will be able to meet the growing demands of the market more efficiently. While this may be one of the most obvious benefits of outsourcing your antibody production, there are a number of other advantages that, most notably, include:

  • Access to skilled resources
  • Variable capacity
  • Fast project execution
  • Allowing you to focus on your core business
  • High flexibility

We will examine the above mentioned advantages in this article. 

1 Access to skilled resources

The highly specialized field of antibody expression not only requires expertise but also the necessary infrastructure.

By cooperating with an external service provider, you get both in one go: When you are outsourcing to third-party service providers you gain access not only to skilled professionals but also the necessary equipment.

In other words, you can rely on an established set-up without having to source either human or other resources at additional costs. As a leading service provider for recombinant antibody expression, evitria commands the necessary expertise as well as state-of-the-art technological equipment to deliver what you need: 

  • Afucosylated antibodies
  • Recombinant antibodies
  • Other proteins

as per your instructions, and in the required volume.

2 Variable capacity

At a staggering 88 %, the current antibody contract manufacturing market is mainly related to the production of monoclonal antibodies as those are essential for many therapies applied in human medicine.

However, as a study conducted by business research and consulting firm Roots Analysis has shown, the projected market growth is set to be driven by bispecific antibodies. Bispecific antibodies combine two different antigen binding specificities within one molecule.

They are used to crosslink target molecules with two different cells in order to mediate direct cytotoxicity. As a general specialist in antibody expression, evitria has the capability and capacity to manufacture antibodies as per requirement, and at various scales respectively volumes. After all, different projects require varying volumes of different types of antibodies.

3 Fast project execution

In a critical field such as pharmaceutics, time is of the essence and there is no space for delays as they may cost more than money – namely lives.

By putting your afucosylated or recombinant antibody production into the trusted hands of specialized antibody CMOs, you are also presented with the added advantage of relatively short turnaround times.

The existing setup combined with the service provider’s specialization allows for a fast project execution. Once the parameters have been predetermined and agreed upon, evitria is able to start production within 24 hours.

This often leads to record-setting completion times, allowing you to go ahead as planned and keep to, if not stay ahead of your schedule. 

4 Keep own focus on core business

The development and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals is a highly specific field where expertise and full dedication are of the essence and where timely delivered results are vital.

The need for speed has last and most prominently been highlighted in the quest to find a vaccine against the Corona virus.

Keep one step – or more – ahead of the game and trust experienced antibody CMOs to do the vital groundwork, so you can concentrate on research and production. Outsource certain steps of your process – such as the production of antibodies – so you can focus on your core business. By cooperating with evitria you can 

  • make sure not to be distracted from what really counts
  • deliver results in a timely manner. 

Interested in recombinant antibodies?

    5 High flexibility

    Last but not least, outsourcing your antibody production can help you keep your processes flexible, irrespective of whether you require recombinant or afucosylated antibodies or other proteins.

    By providing evitria with the parameters of your respective project, you are keeping your own schedule and lab or production site free of additional tasks that can easily – and more efficiently – be handled by experts in the field of antibody expression.

    Additionally, with locations around the globe, evitria not only offers flexibility in terms of scope and volume, but also regarding logistics. Choose your required type of antibody, the volume you need and your preferred location, and you are good to go.

    Antibody production: Outsourcing as an attractive option

    To summarize all of the above mentioned benefits of and reasons for working with third-party service providers when you are dealing with antibodies in your daily work: It makes sense to outsource the antibody production to a specialist lab as it saves time, costs and resources.

    At the same time it allows you to rely on professional services that offer flexibility and volumes tailored to your exact needs and requirements.

    And in addition to being more cost- and resource-effective, outsourcing also enables you to focus on what is important in your own business. Still not convinced? Get in touch to chat about the services we offer and find a solution for your needs.

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