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How to select a CRO for your recombinant antibody production?

Big and small companies alike find value in outsourcing to contract research organizations (CROs). A CRO takes on research, development or production assignments, thus saving the sponsor time, cost and capacities. This article will give valuable pointers to the essential factors any company must consider when screening for CROs for recombinant antibody production services.

Considerations when choosing a CRO

The selection process is of utmost importance before outsourcing to a recombinant antibody production CRO. Choosing the right CRO is difficile, and the biggest, most well-known companies are likely not the best match for a certain research and development project. 

These are the 5 key factors that must be taken into consideration: 

  • quality
  • speed
  • experience
  • cost
  • culture


Consistent quality is an issue with many mediocre CROs for recombinant antibody expression. Recombinant antibody production is a complex process that involves many demanding steps in project planning and in the manufacturing plant.

Therefore, quality is not just the final analysis certificate of the antibody. High quality is the result of having quality control and quality assurance measures in place at key milestones along the project timeline.


Speed is of great importance in pharma and biotechnology. Hence, contract research organizations for recombinant antibody production strive to deliver within few months. Only the very best recombinant antibody providers manage to combine quality and speed. Those companies leverage the synergies of efficient teams, sufficient capacities and profound experience in their field.

speed - why our customers choose us


Recombinant antibody production for research and development applications requires reliability and reproducibility. This is only possible for companies with a vast wealth of experience, having many thousands of expressions of diverse antibodies under their belt.

Reliable companies will be glad to share other client’s experiences with you to show their credentials.


Costs are an important factor when considering a CRO for a collaboration contract. But, of course, cost is not everything. A more expensive recombinant antibody expression service provider delivering high quality work with high speed is worth the money.

Having to deal with missed project milestones and repeat work usually proves more expensive than a reliable CRO.


To ensure fruitful collaborations, sponsor and CRO companies must have compatible company cultures. The CRO must have a stable company structure and financial stability.

This environment fosters transparency, efficient communication between people, enabling a profitable relationship. Ideally, the CRO is not a mere service provider, but an extended part of the sponsor’s team, consisting of individual humans.

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    Why to outsource your recombinant antibody production to a CRO

    What are the benefits of outsourcing recombinant antibody production efforts to an established recombinant antibody service provider?

    Setting up the necessary facilities in-house demands major investments in infrastructure and skilled personnel. The alternative – outsource to CROs – reduces expenses and protects against the risks of failure, thus increasing potential profits of the project.

    Contract research organizations are used to navigating in the field of ever-increasing complexity of biotechnological products. Their focus, experience and knowledge enables them to work innovatively.

    Due to their specialization, CROs have expertise, infrastructure and capacities already at place. They can work with very short lead times and nonetheless deliver high quality products, thus reducing the time to market.

    CRO for recombinant antibody production

    To summarize, when choosing a CRO for recombinant antibody expression, the factors quality, speed, experience and knowledge, cost and culture must be considered.

    As an established recombinant antibody service provider, evitria brings them all to the table. This helps the sponsor to increase their profits, reduce risks, and to overcome any capacity bottlenecks in recombinant antibody research or development endeavours.

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